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The Hunt For The Big Bucks

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12 December, 2017
19 December, 2017
20 December, 2017

Campaign Description

The Hunt For The Big Bucks

Attention all pilots of T.R.I.A.D!

For one week only we are offering up an isk prize reward to pilots who hit thirty kills in a one week period. Seventy Five million isk will be your to claim should you hit thirty kills in the timeframe allocated.

Be aware that as this is a one off, you will only have 1 day to claim your prize once the campaign finishes.

Good luck to all combat pilots!

Objectives and Requirements

This campaign requires you to engage and destroy enemy vessels as detailed below

This is a campaign which comes into effect on 2017-12-12 20:00 and expires on 2017-12-19 20:00. Campaigns give rewards and bonuses based upon meeting the objectives and are automated.

Campaign Rewards

This campaign will grant the following rewards to each pilot involved:

10000000.00 ISK per kill related to the above requirements.
Each pilot will be rewarded a 75,000,000 for reaching 30 individual kills.

The following ship kills will not count for this campaign: Noobships, Shuttles, Empty fit Frigates

Statistics and kills for this campaign are automatically calculated by PANDORA for registered members of . If you have not yet registered on PANDORA, logging in will automatically setup your PANDORA profile.

This campaign will end when the commanding officer [DeT Resprox] declares it over or when the END DATE is met.




18 Moktarr Loreno      180,000,000     
13 Xaar      130,000,000     
10 greg01      100,000,000     
5 Paddington      50,000,000     
5 Astraeos Khan      50,000,000     
4 Phlebast      40,000,000     
3 DeT Resprox      30,000,000     
2 chuin gam      20,000,000     
2 Paradoxian Andrard      20,000,000     
1 Elusive PirateKing      10,000,000     
1      10,000,000     


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