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5 December, 2017

Recent developments

There have been a few new additions to evepandora.com, these are as follows:

Flash Fire campaign

This is a new campaign type aimed at giving isk and/or item rewards for very short campaigns lasting less than a day.  This is ideal for Corporation Leadership members in PANDORA to create a campaign for a planned operation where you can give rewards for kills.  Or, it could be used for quickfire rewards for kills purely for fun.  These are very unlikely go alert members that a campaign is coming (see Alert System further down in this message) due to them most likely being created on the fly as a spur of the moment thing.  Due to the nature of these campaigns, the cashout timer expires a day after the campaign ends -

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25 November, 2017

Your ideas wanted

Capsuleers of New Eden, PANDORA wants your input.

This version of the website saw a complete rework on the code base and our databases given a wipe to start from scratch.

With the wipe, we also started from scratch on the campaign and mission types which will see more types become available for Corporation Leads to create content.  Here's where you can help!

We'd like to hear from you what ideas you have for content from campaigns to missions to ingame events.  Post your ideas in the comments below and if we like your idea, maybe we could implement your idea into PANDORA.

Your input will help in making campaign and mission types grow for the capsuleers of New Eden

Thank you!


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23 November, 2017

Campaign and Mission transparancy

Changes have been made to campaigns and missions to prioritise the ordering list for those logged in.

Logged in users will see campaigns and missions belonging to their corporation, alliance or faction come first in the listing of campaigns and missions on the HOME and CONTENT pages.

With the changeover in code to this new site, we are gradually tweaking existing campaigns and the user ability to create their own campaign types.

Thank you


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19 November, 2017

A New Look Website

Welcome to the new look PANDORA!

This is a completely revamped website with much of the same features still intact.  One of the main things you will notice is that the ADMIN panel has gone...although a minimal ADMIN panel may be implemented in the near future.

A few of the ADMIN features have been moved elsewhere on this site, focusing on ease-of-use for the user.  Changes are as follows:


A logged in user can now easily create blogs at the bottom of the BLOGS page, allowing for instant blogging.


A logged in Corporation Lead can now easily create news articles at the bottom of the NEWS page, allowing for instant news arti

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